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SC dissatisfied over a report on dual nationality

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ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Thursday expressing dissatisfaction over report of Secretary Establishment regarding dual citizenship of government officers summoned Secretary Foreign Affairs, DG NADRA and Secretary Services of all provinces and also directed the officers to reveal their dual nationality within ten days otherwise action would be taken in accordance with the law.

A three member bench led by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar conducted hearing the case on dual citizenship on suo-motto notice.  During the hearing, the court also ordered to provide details about dual nationality, travel history and Iqama of ex-SSP Malir Rao Anwaar.

When Secretary Establishment appeared before the court, Chief Justice inquired about the reports.  Secretary Establishment replied that reports of all institutions have been received and thirteen persons have dual nationality in four groups.

Chief Justice remarked there was no punishment on dual nationality and warmed that credentials were nor correct then there could be legal consequences. He posed a question that how many officers were there in all four groups. Secretary Establishment replied there were thirty five hundreds officers in four groups.

Chief Justice inquired if someone has concealed dual nationality then what was the method to reveal it. He said bigwigs of NADRA have dual nationality. Secretary Establishment told the court that all officers have provided information willingly. He said oath statement could be taken from the officers.  Upon this, Chief Justice said was it agreeable that only thirteen officers among thirty five hundreds have dual citizenship. He observed when these officers are posted abroad they obtain dual nationality.

During the hearing, Advocate General Sindh told the court that he has no information about dual nationality of Rao Anwaar. He sought time from the court to collect information. Chief Justice inquired how much it will take time to gain information. He opined Sindh government should had examine travel history of Rao Anwaar. He directed to check travel record of Rao Anwaar and also check how many times ex-SSP Malir went abroad. He added do not know how many are there with dual nationality and persons with dual citizenship might be sitting on sensitive posts. He observed dual nationality holders must not sit on sensitive posts.

Justice Ejaz-ul-Ahsan said dual nationality could be detected through official letter. The Court observed that it was not possible that only two hundred and four officers have had dual citizenships out of thirty thousand officers.

Secretary Establishment quoting report of foreign service said that no officer has had dual nationality. Justice Ejaz-ul-Ahsan remarked apparently it was not correct.  Secretary Establishment said 866 DMG group officers have submitted report while thirteen have not report on dual citizenship. 14 officers of Office Management Group have not submitted report, 191 officers of autonomous bodies and division have dual nationality.

Chief Justice remarked why not gain information about dual nationality of Public Service Officers. Later, the court adjourned hearing of the case till Monday.

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