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SC expresses annoyance over litigant for approaching SC judge at home

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Supreme Court on Tuesday expressed annoyance over a litigant Kamran Bangash for approaching the apex court judge Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel at his house.

While hearing the petition, Justice Mazhar Alam Khan asked who was Kamran Bangash in this case?

He asked the petitioner did he thought the courts did not do justice?

Petitioner Kamran Bangash said that he had only asked for a decision on merit.

Justice Mazhar Alam Khan said that due to a dispute between the two families, the court wanted the matter to be resolved.

He asked the counsel that if he was sent to jail now, he would knew the verdict on merit. “I thought my cousin named Kamran had come to visit,” he added. He said that the petitioner sat in his drawing room for an hour.

The counsel for Kamran said that he apologized for the inconvenience.

Justice Mazahar asked how could a petitioner dare to meet a judge. He asked how did he come up with the idea of meeting the judge? If an engineering graduate went to jail, he would knew the cost to meet the judge.

Kamran Bangash and his father Rehman Bangash apologized the court for the mistake.

The court ordered Kamran Bangash to pay Rs 0.1 million fine.

The court accepted the unconditional apology of accused Kamran Bangash.

The court remarked that Kamran Bangash, a party to the case, tried to approach the judge. The accused surrendered before the court, it added. The court remarked that the accused was a young man and no contempt of court proceedings were being initiated considering his future.

The accused’s unconditional apology was accepted, however, the accused would have to deposit a fine of Rs 0.1 million to the Edhi Foundation.

The accused’s father submitted a fine of Rs 0.1 million in the court. Later, hearing of the case was adjourned for one month.

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