SC Should intervene to stop the PPP, PML-N from winning the 2018 election: Musharraf

Monitoring Desk

LONDON: Former President, Pervez Musharraf demanded from the Supreme Court to assist in brining the interim government and stopped the election of 2018 otherwise both PPP and PML-N will win the election easily.

The Former dictator said while addressing a public gathering of his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) in London. Musharaf said that if the 2018 election held on its time then PPP and PML-N will win the 2018 election.

He was hopeful that SC will not accepted the Election act 2017 which allow the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to lead the party and it was challenged in the court by PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

While sharing his future vision, Musharaf said that the SC needs to form an interim government that should run Pakistan for a few years through constitutional amendments and bring new system in the country and make new provinces.

He added that SC can do it and adding that he believes that the apex court should do it in the better interest of the country because we cannot let the PPP and PML-N to run the country.

We can stop the PPP and PML-N by changing the system in the country because in the current system we cannot defeat them so need to bring the new system in the country, he added.

It was Musharraf first appearance at a public rally in the UK after five years. Other APML leaders including Saeed Bhatti, Ifzaal Siddiqui, Muhammad Ali Chohan, and Najma Shaheen also addressed the gathering.