SC reserves verdict in dual nationalities of govt employee’s case

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ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict of dual nationalities of government employee’s case on Monday.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar headed a three-member bench and it heard the suo motu case regarding the dual nationalities of government employees. Justice Umar Atta Bandial and Justice Ijazul Ahsan were the other two member of the bench.

During the hearing, Justice Nisar remarked, “We have heard the arguments of court advisers and respondents in detail. There is one category of people who were born in foreign countries, a second category of those who went abroad to study and a third category which includes those who acquired dual nationality while they served on government posts.”

Earlier Supreme Court appointed adviser, Shahid Hamid, then stated, The purpose of foreign citizenship is to make travel easier. Some people apply for foreign citizenship for their children and the top court should make a decision while keeping security concerns in mind.

The apex court adviser also said that dual nationals should not hold government offices. “It will be better if the court lets the Parliament and government makes a decision in this regard,” he added.

Justice Nisar then added, “Those who betrayed the nation and bought property abroad still hold government offices.”

The chief justice then remarked, “There should be no leniency towards those who malign the name of the country. The government has the authority to draft policies on this matter.”

The chief justice then asked, “If there is a ban on parliamentarians from holding dual nationality then why is it not on bureaucrats?”

Justice Nisar further said, “We will give recommendations to the government on dual nationalities of officials employees and will also express reservations on dual nationalities held by top office holders.”

After the respondents finished the arguments the court reserved its judgment on the case.


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