School teacher allegedly tortures student

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: A school teacher of Government Primary School Zargarabad allegedly tortured a child here on Saturday.

According to detail given by the Police Station Agha Mayer Janishah, Yaka Tug, City area, the father of a child identified as Salam Akhtar filed an application for action against the teacher of the Government Primary School Zargarabad.

Father claimed that his child received head injury and severe back injury due to uncalled-for punishment.

In his application, the child’s father has strongly demanded from Minister of Education Shahram Tarkai to take strict action against teacher Alamzeb.
The education minister took notice of the incident of violence in the school and directed Secretary Education Mutasim Ballah to immediately conduct an inquiry.

“The inquiry has been handed over to Director Education Hafiz Ibrahim,” Shahram Tarakai informed media men and assured of taking strict action against those involved in the incident. (APP)