Schools reopen for girls in grades 7-12 in Balkh province

BALKH (TOLOnews): Girls in grades 7-12 in Balkh province are happy about the opening of their schools, saying that in Balkh province girls are now going to school from 1st to 12th grade and there are no obstacles in the path of their education.
Since the downfall of the former government, only girls from first to 6th grade are allowed to go to school in Kabul and most of the country, but now in Balkh all female students can attend.
“Trust-building has been made to some extent, the number of students is increasing, and the process of learning is better now. We cannot say that everything is normal but when we look at the situation of the country, it’s good and we are satisfied,” said Tamana, a student.
“The process of learning requires one to keep going, and our teachers are helping us; also when we come to school the security situation is good,” said Fatema, a student.
Statistics from the department of education in Balkh indicate that in this province more than 600 male and female schools are active with over 500,000 students, half of which are girls.
“There is no salary, there are no facilities. It has been 4 months that teachers and workers have not received their salaries,” said Sohaila Wardak, a teacher.
In the meantime, officials from the education department of Balkh province urged families to send their children to school.
“We want all families to send their children to school in order to have a better future, because having a better future, a better and sound society, needs an educated generation,” said Maulawi Mohammad Naim Balkhi, head of the education department of Mazar-e-Sharif.