Scope of denuclearization of North Korea

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US President Joseph R. Biden reached Seoul, the capital of South Korea on Saturday during his first trip to Asia. During the visit Biden met with South Korean counterpart President, Yoon Suk Yeol and discussed chilling issues relating to the Indo-Pacific region, global geopolitical situation as well as bilateral trade and cooperation. On this occasion, the Korean President said that the US-South Korea Alliance had deepened and expanded in the past years, while their partnership and cooperation has grown far-beyond the Korean Peninsula. Biden upheld the US extended deterrence commitment to the ROK using the full range of US military might, including nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities.

The Republic of Korea and the United States have a strategic defense partnership besides cordial economic and trade relations over the past seven decades. Both nations concluded the Mutual Defense Treaty in 1953, which not only paved the way for stationing of more than 28 thousand American soldiers in Seoul but also guaranteed provision of US military shields including nuclear umbrellas for the defense of South Korea against foreign aggression. Both nations had struck the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) and were working on numerous initiatives to boost their bilateral economic and trade relations. However, the main pillar of Washington-Seoul friendship is a common threat stirring out of Pyongyang, which not only dominated other venues of their bilateral relations but also prompted both nations for a greater cooperation against growing military threats from North Korea. The Trump administration tried to engage Kim Jong Un in direct talks and displayed cold shoulder to Seoul, while the Biden administration is endeavoring to mend the broken ties and renewal of military cost sharing agreement with South Korea. Presently, both nations intend to improve their relations with Pyongyang and offer partial removal of sanctions in reward of partial steps for denuclearization of North Korea.

Apparently, seasoned Biden aims at removing the nuclear teeth of aggressive Kim, while the North Korean leader had successfully managed the Trumpism of his successor in the past. Hence the time would decide the champion of Biden’s diplomacy.

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