Search a woman! Two blondes go to the presidency of France

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Elena Karaeva

Women of the same age, lawyers, blondes and mothers with many children (each with three children) decided to cross swords, that is, programs, and compete for the highest post in France.
Marine Le Pen and V-alerie Pécresse do not hide their ambitions and say that France is finally ripe to see a woman in the presidential chair. The previous evening, the thesis that the French are indeed “looking for a woman” was first confirmed by a sociological survey. If Valerie Pécresse, who received the mandate of confidence from her Republican party, goes to the second round, then in this duel with the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron, she defeats him – and with a very decent score, gaining 52% of the vote, leaving Macron with 48% of the electorate.
Of course, this is just one poll so far and, of course, the trend must be confirmed over many weeks in order from a hypothesis to become a reality of the current political landscape in France.
Unlike Pécresse, who was almost always in the shadow of her male mentors, and among them were Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen, albeit her father’s daughter, never kept secrets about her goals: she is already participating in the race. the third time. Her debut took place in 2012, and then she rec-eived 18.5% of the vote in the first round. This result, if we take into account the absolutely unprecedented campaign of hatred and slander waged against the leader of the National Unity party (then the National Front) by practically the entire press, not only French, but also European, deserves only respect.
In 2017, Marine Le Pen, again in spite of everything and everything, with the relatively modest means that she had for campaigning (it was then that she was doused with mud, calling her “an agent of the Kremlin”, since the politician met with Vladimir Putin), entered the second round , having received a little more than 21% of the votes. For reference – Macron got only 3% more in the first round.
But the mistake in the way Le Pen prepared, and most importantly, the way she behaved during the debate, cost her the loss. Now, according to polls, Le Pen has a stable third place.
Her dignity as a politician is that Le Pen’s program has long been known to voters, as well as the principles that she is not going to abandon: a sharp restriction of immigration, control over the country’s borders, priority to national development, and the solution of significant problems for society through referendums. The disadvantage of Le Pen as a politician is that her ideas were “pilfered” in thesis or in detail by others who wanted to take the presidency.
Valerie Pécresse’s program is not yet known to voters either in its political or in its economic parts. These women, with all the difference in the ideas they are guided by, have one thing in common: both sympathize with both Russia and the Russians.
Marine Le Pen often supports Putin’s actions in the international arena, and calls the EU sanctions imposed on our country “suicidal”.
Pecresse studied Russian and even spent, when she was 15 years old, a summer shift at Artek as part of a school exchange.
As if the final alignment in the elections had finally descended, the fact that not just politicians participate in the race, but women, mothers with many children, and Russophiles, suggests that, albeit slowly but surely, justice and equality are beginning to be restored, and a good attitude towards Russia, despite a total campaign of lies against our state, failed to break.

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