Seasonal beggars turn to cities to reap ‘benefits’ of holy month

ISLAMABAD (APP): The citizens demanded the authorities concerned take serious action to discourage beggary practices as a large number of beggars hailing from far-flung areas of the country have invaded big cities to reap large benefits during the month of Ramadan.
Like every year, hundreds of professional beggars, including women and children have been moving towards populated areas of big cities before the arrival of Ramadan, said a report aired by a private news channel. Apart from the streets, bazaars and traffic signals the famous largest Sufi shrines have become a stronghold for seasonal beggars because visitors give a lot of money to them in the name of religious offerings, said a citizen.
“The authority concerned should crack down on these seasonal beggars, said a citizen, adding, at the same time people should also stop giving them their money and discourage this attitude of begging during Ramadan.
The number of beggars hanging around the streets has significantly increased in the past few years, said a traffic warden. “Ramadan is the best season for begging and earning more profit, said a beggar, adding, she makes more than Rs1000 a day as people are keen to give charity in Ramadan”. Beggars were found to be involved in several crimes and also create traffic hazards, said a trader in the market.
Community members should not be sympathetic towards beggars and donate to registered charities instead, said a motorist.
“People during the holy month of Ramadan should use official charitable organizations to help the needy,” said a citizen.
“Beggars in different disguises and of different ages start attacking you whenever you come out for shopping in markets, malls and bazaars, said a woman. We could not avoid them as they would not stop nagging you wherever you go,” she added. “If beggary is not tackled tactfully, the number of seasonal beggars will continue to grow in coming months,” said the social worker.