SECP for increasing claim amount for victims

SECP for increasing claim amount for victims

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan aims to make necessary amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, for smooth implementation of the motor third party liability insurance scheme.

As per the provisions of the said law, it is mandatory for all the motor vehicle owners to have the motor third party liability insurance cover, which is meant for compensating the road accident victims or their legal heirs.

The compensation limit of Rs20,000 provided under the existing provisions of the law, in cases of bodily injury and death, needs to be enhanced.

Furthermore, the existing procedure for determination of the liability through courts is too lengthy, costly and cumbersome to be afforded by the claimants.

The compensation amount of Rs20,000 for legal heirs in case of accidents resulting in death, has also been enhanced to Rs500,000 through a proposed amendment to the law.

Furthermore, a schedule has been proposed to be inserted in the law to prescribe the enhanced limits for bodily injuries. To address the issue of bogus policies, the SECP has also proposed to impose heavy penalties.

For the purpose of public consultations, a draft of the proposed amendments has been posted on the SECP’s website. The feedback or comments received from all concerned on the proposed amendments within 30 days would be taken into account while finalizing the draft.

The said draft would also be shared with IAP, non-life insurers and insurance brokers to seek their valued feedback and comments before finalizing the amendments.


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