SECP opens first investor awareness video series

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has launched its first investor awareness video series, based on seven themes: capital market, commodities market, Islamic finance, insurance, mutual funds, anti-money laundering/CFT and company incorporation, through its JamaPunji web portal, Twitter and Facebook platforms.

The launching of video serious is aimed at embracing the digitalization wave and to use the mass media and social media effectively to spread investor awareness. It seeks to educate the public about legitimate investment opportunities, ease of doing business and financial scams.

Drawing on the expertise of SECP officers, the interactive videos cover frequently asked questions (FAQs), and lay out the procedures and dos and don’ts to better equip them for personal financial planning. The videos also offer guidance on how to get their complaints resolved.

Viewers can conveniently access these videos on their smart phones while having the option of sharing them further with their friends and family. This material is also being shared with universities for classroom discussions. This initiative promises to have a multiplier effect by providing investors access to this crucial knowledge nationwide.