Security force repulse Taliban attack in Baghlan

F.P. Report

BAGHLAN: Local officials told media persons that security Forces repulsed the Taliban fighter attack in Doshi district of Baghlan Province and they were pushed back to their hideouts.

The clash was started when Taliban insurgents attacked the center of the province and dozens of people were injured in it while the others managed to flee from the area and the main highway of Baghlan-Kunduz was closed for hours because of the clash between the two groups.

Footage from a battle line close to Baghlan-Kunduz Highway shows civilians – mostly women and children – running from the area while military tanks and soldiers are firing at the Taliban.

“It was 3pm when people shouted that the Taliban has come to the street. We ran and I narrowly escaped two bullets,” said Abdul Wahid, a resident of Doshi district, who was fleeing with his family.

“No we left everything at home. We were washing the carpets when we heard the fight. I took my baby son when he was sleeping and we left our house,” said Hajira, another resident of Doshi, who was cleaning their house ahead of Eid-ul-Aha.

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