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Security situation in EU deteriorated: Sweden

Written by The Frontier Post

STOCKHOLM (RT): Me-mber of the Swedish Parlia-ment Lotta Olsson, in an address to the country’s Mi-nister of Defense Peter Hu-ltqvist, expressed her concern about a number of sec-urity problems. RT got acq-uainted with Ulsson’s theses.
“Over the past year, the security situation in our near abroad has worsened,” the parliamentarian said.
In particular, Ulsson dre-w attention to the situation with the protests in Belarus, and also mentioned the policy of the Russian authorities, which, according to her, are “trying to dictate” to other countries the terms of membership in defense unions.
“At the same time, we are seeing high energy prices in the EU that are causing people to freeze and not be able to pay their electricity bills. All this leads to political and military instability. Energy has always been an important political issue in terms of security policy, and now it has become even more obvious,” the MP added.
She stated that Sweden is becoming increasingly dependent on the outside world in terms of energy stability. This increases the country’s vulnerability in the event of a “boycott or conflict,” Olsson said.
“Does the minister intend to discuss, within the framework of the government’s work, those aspects of Swedish energy that relate to security policy against the backdrop of changes in the country’s foreign policy situation?” she asked Hultqvist, setting out her position.
Earlier, Swedish parliamentarian Hans Wallmark expressed the opinion that gas prices in Europe have risen , among other things, due to the “influence” that the Russian company Gazprom allegedly has on the energy market.
For his part, the Deputy Head of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, said that Gazprom is fully fulfilling long-term contracts for gas supplies to the EU and is not engaged in manipulating prices on the gas market.

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