Security staffers in KP Assembly close camera with tape

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR:  In KP Assembly security camera has been installed at the polling booth to monitor polling which was closed by pasting tape following the objections by the assembly members.

Provincial Ministers Mushtaq Ghani and Muzaffar Syed have been frisked after their vase coasts were put off whereas Nighat Orakzai turned violent over being frisked .

According to details on Saturday the Senate polling started in the KPK Provincial Assembly at nine a.m.

But following the casting of 17 votes the MPAs complained to the polling agents that on the top of the polling booth a camera has been installed to monitor the polling process which is a very unreasonable act. Casting of vote is the choice and the basic right of every member. Upon this the agents stopped the polling process for half an hour and security called in. The security staffers closed the camera by pasting tape on it with the help of a staircase. Following the satisfaction of the polling agents the casting of votes again started after the lapse of half an hour.