Security will be provided for Indian diplomats

KABUL (Tolo News): The head of the Islamic Emirate’s political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said that the caretaker Afghan government will provide security to all diplomats if Delhi wants to open its embassy in Kabul.
He made the remarks in an interview with The Print, an Indian media outlet. “We have announced time and again that it is our commitment to provide security to all diplomats working in Kabul. It is our responsibility and we have proved that. There are many embassies working in Kabul and we have provided full security to them. That also includes India if they want to open their embassy,” Shaheen said as quoted by The Print.
Shaheen said India should establish ties based on national and mutual interest with the current Afghan government and should cut relations with the officials of the former Afghan government. “They (India) are welcome if they want to complete their projects or to initiate new ones,” Shaheen told the The Print.
Analysts believe that India’s relations with the Islamic Emirate will benefit Delhi. “India is keen to have at least unofficial relations with the Taliban to secure its economic interests and to monitor the situation in Afghanistan,” said Noorullah Raghi, a former diplomat. “India is a country which has had influence in the economic and underground development of Afghanistan since the time of Zahir Shah,” said Walif Frozan, an analyst of international relations. Earlier, some Indian media outlets reported that Delhi is seeking to reopen its embassy in Kabul.