“Sehat insaf card” a blessing for needy

Syed Bilal Hussain

ISLAMABAD: The main slogans of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf s (PTI) election manifesto 2018, the road to a new Pakistan, were justice and humanity whose salient points stressed education and health, as forms of social justice. Keeping its words Pakistan Tahreek-e- Insaf (PTI)  government has launched the sahet insaf card. In a country like Pakistan where delivery cases are oftenly reported on the busy roads in broad day light, where child births are reported in local transports like Rikhsa before reaching out hospitals.

A country where 176/1000000 maternal mortality is recorded in contrast with the 5/1000000 in developed countries. A country where average life “as per various research reports” is 66 far less than developed countries which is 83, due to lack of medical maintenance facilities, and where people sell out their kidneys to meet their grocery needs, a country with 40% child’s stunted growth is reported, social health protection scheme like Sehat Insaf Card is literally a blessing for the needy ones.

All of a sudden, Sehat Insaf Card is a great and unbelievable news indeed and good effort by government. In cricketing term its front foot long six, especially at the time when country’s existing financial and economic crises are severe. It can be graded as “THE NEWS OF THE DECADES”.

The salient features of Sahet Insaf Card are:

1 – Under the Sehat Sahulat Program, the card holder household will be able to get medical treatment worth up to Rs. 720,000 per annum.

2 – Angioplasty, brain surgery, cancer and several other medical operations will be offered free of cost treatment.

3 – The Sehat Insaf Card will cover treatment of all ailments except transplants.

4 – The Sehat Insaf Card holder may use this card in various designated public at private hospitals in KP for treatment. As per given list it covers almost 90% of the needful medical care and maintenance. Infect, it is an innovative idea in Pakistan to reach out poor and needy families.

Nations can be developed if they get social security and I must say that this is a social security or it is a medical security for the public. It will also balance out the class difference in the society. Health Card will cover all deserving KP families and 100%  distribution rate for newly merged districts families.

In this regards KP honorable CM Mehmood Khan has already announced 114976 cards for all families to Mohmand district and KP health department already starts distribution.

The incumbent provincial government also looking for more funding to health sector and planning to build various comprehensive health units in the to provide maximum medical treatment. Medical facility and treatment is a great challenge, it can also be termed as threat for under privileged portion of the society, however, this great and one of the most leading initiative by any Government will surely give a sizeable relief to the public.

Millions of people are poor only because they discharge their savings while getting health services by their own expenses. So generally they sellout their ornaments to pay medical bills.

Health card is a great blessing for the ignored bulky portion of the country. It is indeed a revolutionary step in health sector. It translates Imran’s Inspirations in to reality as he worked a lot in health sector since his cricketing carrier in the name of his late mother Shoukat Khanam’s series.

So such policies and initiatives must be appreciated by all segments of the society to encourage such extra ordinary steps in future also.