Sehat Kahani Partners with Kidco

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Kidco, one of Pakistan’s leading baby care manufacturing companies, recently partnered with Sehat Kahani, an enterprise working across market segments to make access to quality healthcare sustainable.

‘We are keen to reach larger communities through Sehat Kahani’s network’, said Kidco Managing Director, Mustafa Shahbazkar. ‘Not only do our products nourish newborns and young children upto the age of 5, we also pride ourselves on building a strong community around new mothers who need support.

Through various informative channels and interactive media, we engage with new mothers and address their concerns about breast-feeding and the challenge of meeting nutritional requirements for such a tender age’.

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram & Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga (CEO & COO respectively; Sehat Kahani) said, “Nations can only grow by investing in women’s empowerment, financial inclusion and right to healthcare – Kidco and Sehat Kahani are stepping into a collaboration to improve access to healthcare by providing sustainable telehealth services to rural and peri-urban areas of Pakistan with a vision to create a healthier Pakistan using technology and innovation” These e-hubs address, as well as spread awareness about, health related issues and have impacted nearly 900,000 lives through its online consultations and services in a short span of time. The Kidco brand is owned by BottleCo, and it is known for manufacturing a wide range of baby feeders, teats, soothers, rings and training cups.