Selena Gomez slams social media companies amid Washington riots

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WASHINGTON: American singer and actor Selena Gomez has slammed social media platforms and their executives for facilitating the behaviour which led to the Washington, D.C. riots on Wednesday.

Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump was accused of inciting the protest at a rally earlier in the day and was slow in officially calling for the activists to leave the Capitol building, where politicians had gathered to certify Joe Biden’s win over Trump in November’s election.

One female protester was shot and killed by a law enforcement official during the unrest.

As the drama unfolded, Selena headed online to slam bosses at sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, tweeting: “Today is the result of allowing people with hate in their hearts to use platforms that should be used to bring together and allow people to build community.

“Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, Susan Wojcicki – you have all failed the American people today, and I hope you’re going to fix things moving forward.”