Senate body discusses dues against Mushahid

ISLAMABAD (APP): Senate Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges met on Tuesday under the chairpersonship of Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq here at the Parliament House.

The committee meeting examined in detail the issue of privilege regarding the allegation of non-payment of dues of Rs2.7 million by the Punjab House against Senator Mushahidullah Khan.

Committee Chairperson Ayesha Farooq said the m-atter has already been rev-iewed in detail and a fact finding committee report has been provided to the committee in this regard.

The report said that verbal orders were also given regarding the booking of Punjab House. He said this room was allotted to the senator by the Senate which has been paid by the Senate Secretariat.

Senator Mushahidullah regretted the report of Punjab House and said baseless allegations have been made to save himself.

The committee was informed that notices were also issued to Salman Abbasi to vacate the room.

Senator Asif Kirmani said there is a system of check-in and check-out which is also legal proof.

“According to my information, there are many others who have been favored and not a single rupee has been received but the blame has been laid on others,” he said.

Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said when the letter to cancel the allotment was written by the Senate, why it was not done and why it was continued.

The concerned Controller of Punjab House should be brought under the purview of law. Senator Waleed Iqbal said the Punjab House Committee should be apprised of the real situation.

Senator Manzoor asked whether any letters were written to the higher aut-hority that Salman Abbasi was not making any payment. Senator Pervez Rashid said Mushahid-ullah’s privilege has been violated and the institution does not have official record. He said verbal work was done which is a misrepresentation.

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