Senate panel seeks details of ongoing and upcoming projects

ISLAMABAD (APP): Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Works on Wednesday sought details of tendering processes of different projects, its briefs and updated reports on ongoing and upcoming projects. The Meeting chaired by Senator Haji Hidayatullah expressed great resentment over the working and progress of the Ministry of Housing and Works. The committee observed that the Ministry kept information concealed from the Senate Panel in order to mislead it.
The committee observed that most of the matters of the Ministry with regards to projects and housing schemes are sub-Judice in the courts causing delay in the recommencement of the projects, affecting the overall development of the country.
In the briefing, the committee was informed that due deliberation was made on the allotment and Quota Policy of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) by legal team of (FGEHA)/Ministry of Housing and Works before sending the case to Cabinet. The revised allotment and quota policy was submitted before the cabinet on October 29, 2021 and the Federal Cabinet granted approval on Nov 02, 2021.
After approval from the Federal Cabinet, the revised policy was submitted before the Islamabad High Court on Nov 22, 2021. The Secretary Housing and Works and Director General, FGEHA along with learned counsels on behalf of FGEHA appeared before the court and assisted the court on the revised allotment policy of FGEHA. IHC court declared the revised Allotment Policy unconstitutional and illegal and a Civil Petition for Leave to Appeal (CPLA) has been filed in the Supreme Court and the decision is awaited.
The detailed discussion on the phase-wise briefing on the construction /completion of Kashmir Avenue apartments, sector G- 13, Islamabad took place.
The committee was informed that the Kashmir Avenue Apartment Project, subsequent to resolution of the price hike issue be completed in the next 30 months after recommencement of works at full scale.
It was also informed that the overall on ground progress of the project is 16 pc. The committee sought a copy of the secular advance brief and designer details in the next meeting.
With regards to the matter of compensation paid to Ms Sheher Bano w. o (late) Kareem Bux Solangi, Ex –Guard, CCD-I ( Pak PWD), Karachi, the committee showed resentment on the delay of compensation to a widow since 2014 and directed the Secretary, Housing and Works to look into the matter himself and compensation be made, at its earliest. Briefing on the action taken by the concerned authorities with regards to a dispute over price of land and its possession between the land owner and a housing society of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) in Mauza Tamma Morian, Islamabad was also discussed in detailed.
The committee heard the grievous of the affectees in person and gave directions that injustice should not be done to the common man with the delaying implementations and changing policies of the Housing Societies.

Detailed briefing on the ongoing and upcoming projects, progress, delays and issues initiated by the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) under the Ministry of Housing and Works also took place.

The matter is deferred for further deliberation in the next meeting.

Briefing on the mechanism procedure adopted for appointment in Grade 17 and above along with CVs was by the Ministry was also taken up.

The committee sought details on the remaining CV’s to counter check the requirement process of the Ministry which were not duly submitted as previously directed.

The meeting was attended by Senator Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, Fida Muhammad, Saif Ullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Khalida Ateeb, Muhammad Qasim , Afnan Ullah Khan and Senator Saifullah Abro. Senior Officials from the Ministry and other attached departments were also in attendance.