Senate panel to Protect

Senate panel to Protect Minorities to hold consultation

Abdullah Malik

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Committee to Protect Minorities from Forced Conversions decided to engage with all the stakeholders and hold dialogue and consultative sessions with provincial governments, local and other relevant authorities to formulate solid recommendations to protect minorities from forced conversions.

Chairman of the Committee senator Anwar ul Haq Kakar observed that the issue is more sensitive and complicated and the committee will explore all the aspects to get firsthand information about the matter. He said that the committee would be in a position to put forward some important recommendations with a period of six months. Members of the committee thoroughly debated the issue and agreed that the nature and sensitivity of the issue requires in-depth study and consideration.

They approved TORs of the committee. The committee, in its mandate, has decided to review information, incidents, statistics and laws to enhance the protection of the minorities.

The Committee decided to undertake visits to different provinces and hold meetings with provincial, districts, civil administration, and police officials so as to create an integrated system of detection, reporting, vigilance and response concerning forced conversions.  The Committee will collaborate and meet with human rights organizations around the world to establish best practices in light of cases.

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