Senate poll and political delusion

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf faced a huge blow as it lost Senate elections to the Pakistan Democratic Movement in the National Assembly on Wednesday. PDM’s candidate Yousaf Raza Gillani defeated PTI’s candidate and Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh. Wednesday Senate Election was scheduled for 52 vacant posts of Senators, while 11 senators from Punjab have already elected unopposed, whereas, 37 seats were contested on March 03, 2021. The polling was held for 35 seats of three provincial Assemblies and 2 seats of federal capital area. The Senate Election of National Assembly got much importance from both Government and its rival Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

The battle of two Senate Seats of capital territory became the prime focus of both PTI government and PDM alliance. PTI government exerted its full power to get its candidate Dr. Hafeez Shaikh be elected, similarly PDM also gave full threshold to capture the victory stand for Yousaf Raza Gilani as Senator. After conclusion of this political battle, PTI and allies were able to fetch total of 43 seats whereas PDM alliance was able to grab 51. Currently, PPP is heading to get support of PDM parties for Yousaf Raza Gilani for the position of Chairman Senate.

While grabbing the success in Senate election, PDM demanded that Prime Minister must step down by resigning from the office, as the government has lost the confidence of the parliament.

In fact, the victory of PDM could be possible due to defection of PTI parliamentarians from the party. Dozens of PTI Parliamentarians were unhappy from Party’s policies and dealing of the top leadership with them over the past two and half years. PTI was fearing of this situation, that several of its parliamentarians would likely part their ways during senate poll. Therefore, to evade this surprise, PTI aggressively campaigned for open ballot poll for senate election, intimidated its parliamentarians not to leave the party’s ranks and sorted several other illegal and condemnable tactics against its opponents during these senate polls. The end product of PTI’s efforts appeared in the shape of clear minority in the Upper House of the parliament. The opposition vowed to go for no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister Imran Khan in coming days.

After long meeting with his confederates, Prime Minster decided to take vote of confidence from the Parliament, an extra- bold decision, which could result in his clear defeat and ended up in the shape of collapse of PTI government. The defeat in Senate Election has put very drastic impacts on the loyalties of PTI ‘s parliamentarian, who had been side lined by the party. During these waning days, Imran Khan opted for vote of confidence, while announcing Khan’s decision, PTI Senior Vice President and Foreign Minster Qureshi said the vote of confidence would clear “who stands where” and those with PM Khan would be on one side, while the others would have the right to join other parties.

The latest development in the country’s politics had fueled a new debate among the political analysts and think tanks that whether another test of the already tested partners is a wise step or a political suicide by the incumbent government. One can term it the state of over confidence or Political delusion. Ostensibly, one thinks that if Imran Khan could not deliver his promises in two and half years, how would he do something for them after getting out of current catastrophe. So, PTI’s numbers are likely to shrink in next counting during vote of confidence.

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