Senator Hamdullah alleges govt following Western agenda

A.R. Abid Bunery

BUNER: The JUIF Senator Hafiz Hamdullah Jan has alleged that Pakistan was hands in glove the five top Western countries were conspiring against Mullah, Masjid, Madrasa (Ulema, Mosque, Ceminaries) adding this agenda was of the New World Order for introducing secular states worldwide and accused that Imran Khan was working for this agenda that was why efforts were continued to drag youths for dancing on squires, change the education curriculum, impose ban on religious congregations for which the heavy funds were provided in the juice of nongovernmental organizations.

The JUIF was the main hurdle on way to introducing and bringing changes any of the law against Islam adding being last followers of the last prophet it was their due responsibility to foil nefarious designs of the West and its followers inside the parliament and streets as well.

He urged upon Muslims to become part of JUIF for fighting against the secular forces and to best protect the Islamic laws, Mullah, Masjid and Madrasa.

This he uttered when addressing a well attended KHIDMAT JAMIAT CONFERENCE in Torwarsak village, Daggar Tehsel on Sunday.

The JUIF PK 79 MPA Mufti Fazal Ghafoor, JUIF Nazim tehsel council Daggar Maulana Saeedur Rehman MUfakir, JUIF Torwarsak Nazim Maulana Rashed Ahmed addressed the conference.

They pointed out that JUIF was under constant pressure by the secular forces just because its leadership was never compromised the Islamic laws adding the credit goes to the JUIF parliamentarians who declared the Qadyanee as non Muslims and now the JUIF parliamentarians were behind to expose the efforts to bring changes in the Khatmi Naboot declaration in connection with elections.

They were proud for blocking the on progress laws for banning offering joint prayers in Masajid until police station issued NOC.

They also took advantage of reversing the bill was to made it mandatory all of seminaries student’s bio data and pictures with mobile phone numbers will be displayed at police stations.

They took the advantage of induction the Khatmi Naboot lesson in the curriculum. They were proud to announce this mega project of 75 million rupees Torwarsak bridge which opened for traffic was also completed from the funds of JUIF MPA PK 79.

While rupees 2000 million worth developmental schemes were under completion only in this union council of Torwarsak while the successive members of ANP, Jamaat Islami did nothing for this area during their era.

They repeated the JUIF was real custodian of Islam and Muslim and it will fight against any law repugnant to Islam, any tradition of coeducation and secular system and the Mullah, Masjid, Madrasa will be protected and promoted as due responsibility and made it clear those were bent upon to introduce Western culture and secular system in Pakistan will have to face the Ulema of JUIF inside parliament and street as well.

They repeatedly urged upon the Muslims to be united under the banner of JUIF and play their due role in fighting against the nefarious designs of the West and its lobby in Pakistan so as to protect this Islam named country and its institutions for living with Islamic teachings for prosperous life here in this ordinary world and the permanent life after death as well.

On the occasion Abdul Karam a general councilor from village Torwarsak announced disassociation with ANP after 16 years and joined the JUIF and assured serving rest of his life under the banner of JUIF.

The MPA Mufti Fazal Ghafoor, Tehsil Nazim Daggar Maulana Saeedur Rehman MUfakir,Torwarsak nazim in Daggar Maulana Rashed Ahmed formally inaugurated the 75 million cost Torwarsak bridge which was a great achievement as this road was mostly remained close for traffic when there was flood water and the communication within districts of Swat, Buner, Shangla, Torghar was mostly suspended for hours long and sometimes day night long.