Seoul, Pyongyang exchanged missile “strikes”

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Mikhail Sheinkman

For six months the n-ortherners did not approach the lau-nchers. And from Biden during this time, not a hint of a possible relaxat-ion of the sanctions regi-me. So they took up the old thing to show that ba-rgaining is still appropriate.

They have not been seen or heard since March. Not a single test. And after the parade in honor of the founding of the Republic, it burst. Tokyo and Seoul have not yet really moved away from the North Korean weekend launches, and again it blew cold. With an interval of five minutes, the first went, then the second. And silence. As always. Enjoy the effect produced. In Pyongyang, a couple of days ago, they did not immediately admit that they had checked a couple of long-range and high-maneuverability cruise missiles.

But now ballistic ones have started to be used, while they do not yet have, according to their own admission, accurate data, the Japanese have orientated themselves according to their inner feelings. It’s scary for them, of course. The shells did not reach their exclusive economic zone, but Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who announced his resignation a week ago, is urgently collecting the Security Council instead of suitcases. Empty. “We express our strong protest and categorically condemn” – this is their maximum. What to do next with such a DPRK is not up to Tokyo to decide.

And not Seoul. Therefore, he keeps mum. He just took and for experimental purposes fired a ballistic missile from his submarine. And this is really something new. This has never happened before in South Korea. This is her first time. It would seem where she is going. Okay, Pyongyang – according to its status, it is supposed to create, if not the carriers themselves of an ultra-long range, then at least the semblance of their combat readiness, so that some people overseas would be discouraged. But within the same peninsula to beat each other with such a weapon – that with rackets and a tennis ball to play ping-pong.

And how can Siamese twins beat each other, not sparing their belly, if they have one in common. Intrigue – yes. For example, to play so that another’s head hurts. But they have already tried to destroy it. Did not work out. But now it turned out to shoot almost synchronously. Although the southerners were warned about their test in advance. But maybe that is why the neighbors have adjusted themselves to, in the event of an inevitable international shout, to declare: why are we worse? Why, they say, Suga does not protest on the South Korean issue? In their relationship, too, not everything is going smoothly. And the UN Security Council only the DPRK prohibits dealing with this type of weapons.

And he forbids, because she has this – the very “wheel” that can reach the States. Maybe not, but who knows. For example, the US President’s special envoy for the DPRK, Song Kim, knows what emotions this threat evokes. He is now in Tokyo – he felt it for himself. Now he will tell his own how it is. Obviously, this is the same Kim that Jong-un, says hello. For six months the northerners did not approach the launchers. And from Biden during this time, not a hint of a possible relaxation of the sanctions regime. So they took up the old thing to show that bargaining is still appropriate. If Washington does not understand, then Pyongyang will send all this to Yongbyon’s mother. The “mothers” of their nuclear tests, I mean.

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