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Serbia: Delivery of weapons by UK to Kosovo an unfriendly step

Written by The Frontier Post

BELGRADE (RIA Novo-sti): The supply of weapons by the UK to the self-proclaimed Republic of Kos-ovo is an unfriendly step to-wards Serbia and the arming of terrorists, said the head of the Serbian Minis-try of Internal Affairs Alex-ander Vulin.
Earlier, Vecernje Novo-sti reported that official Lo-ndon handed over Javellin anti-tank missile systems and NLAW anti-tank guided missiles to the authorities in Pristina. According to the sources of the newspaper, 50 units have already been transferred, 20 more are expected, and training of Kosovo fighters in the use of these systems is also planned. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is expec-ted to ask British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for an official explanation within the next 48 hours.
“I believe that the supply of weapons to Kosovo A-lbanians by the UK is an u-nfriendly step, because you cannot arm terrorists and hope for peace. I am very c-oncerned,” Vulina was quo-ted by the Interior Ministry.
“You give weapons to terrorists. They do not have an army, according to UN Security Council Resol-ution 1244, the only armed forces in Kosovo and Metohija are ( NATO -led contingent ) KFOR, there are no others, and you create some kind of army, arm it, give them armored vehicles, anti-tank systems, dro-nes, provide training, we hear that they are going to pilot courses in Turkey and Albania,” the Serbian interior minister said and stre-ssed that the only goal of rapprochement and integration of Kosovo into NATO is “to provoke Serbia.”
Armend Mehai, Minister of the Lightly Armed Security Forces of Kosovo, wrote on social media on Saturday that the KSF “was and is being supplied with the most modern weapons and equipment.”
The Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, asked NATO to join the alliance in early March because of the situation in Ukraine.
The CBC minister also earlier called on the US and countries that have recognized the independence of Pristina to speed up the admission of Kosovo to NATO membership in light of the situation in Ukraine. He suggested that the United States deploy its permanent military base in the region, despite the fact that the largest Camp Bondsteel near the city of Uroševac is considered not so much a NATO base as an American one.
The self-proclaimed Kosovo, according to UN Security Council resolution 1244, does not have its own army. The authorities in Pristina, with material support from NATO, are modernizing and training lightly armed SFKs with the aim of transforming them into full-fledged armed forces, which causes protests from the Serbian authorities. The law on the SBC, approved in December 2018, provides for a personnel of 5,000 fighters.
The self – proclaimed republic sent a KSF contingent last March on its first international mission as part of US forces in Kuwait. The Kosovo security forces in May and June 2021 participated for the first time in the NATO military exercises Defender Europe 21 in the territory of the province, Albania and Croatia.
In 1999, an armed confrontation between Albanian separatists from the ” Kosovo Liberation Army ” and the army and police of Serbia led to the bombing of Yugoslavia (at that time consisting of Serbia and Montenegro ) by NATO forces. In March 2004, Kosovo Albanians staged pogroms, which led to the mass resettlement of Serbs from the region and the destruction of numerous monuments of their history and culture. Kosovo-Albanian structures in Pristina on February 17, 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia.

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