Serbia files two lawsuits against NATO

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BELGRADE (TASS): Two new lawsuits against NATO on behalf of members of the Yugoslav army were filed on Thursday with the Belgrade High Court. This was reported to a TASS correspondent by the lawyer of the victims, Srdjan Aleksic.
“I have just submitted two new lawsuits to the High Court. The lawsuits are filed on behalf of two soldiers who were in Kosovo and Metohija during the 1999 war, one was in Prizren, the other at the airfield in Slatina. Both one and the second fell ill with cancer, one had leukemia, the other had testicular cancer.On their behalf, we filed lawsuits against NATO in the High Court of Belgrade.
Lawyer Aleksic noted that the lawsuit filed against NATO in 2020 is awaiting delivery to the North Atlantic Alliance. In the event that NATO does not want to accept the claim, the relevant Serbian law will be applied, a lawyer will be appointed for the alliance and the case will be heard in the High Court, and the judge will pronounce the verdict.
“The lawsuits go separately from each other. Then I plan to file two new lawsuits every month. We are still preparing documents, which requires a lot of effort,” the lawyer said.
Earlier, on January 20, 2021, a former member of the Yugoslav army, D.S. (full name withheld in the interests of the investigation), filed a lawsuit with the High Court of Belgrade against NATO in connection with the use of depleted uranium ammunition by the alliance during the 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia, which caused the plaintiff’s cancer. The lawsuit was filed against the North Atlantic Alliance, which, under international law, has the status of a legal entity. D.S., an army officer, spent 201 days with his unit in an area bombed by NATO with depleted uranium shells. After 18 years, he fell ill with a severe form of smooth muscle cancer that affected the internal organs, underwent three surgeries in 2018-2020 and is now in serious condition. A forensic expert confirmed that the plaintiff’s illness was caused by depleted uranium,
The Belgrade High Court considered the case and referred it to NATO. If there is no reaction from the alliance, the court itself will appoint a lawyer to defend the interests of the defendant.

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