Several hundred people rally outside the US Congress

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WASHINGTON DC (TASS): Several hundred people gathered on Saturday outside the walls of the US Congress to speak out in support of the participants in the storming of the Capitol, which took place on January 6. In connection with the rally, the authorities have strengthened security measures in the center of Washington, law enforcement officers have been put on high alert.

Demonstrators Justice for J6 (a call to justice for the participants in the January riots) demand fair treatment in the courts for more than 600 suspects in the storming of the Capitol. According to the TASS correspondent, by the beginning of the demonstration, the number of journalists, including representatives of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and Africa, and law enforcement officers was comparable to the number of protesters who came to the Congress. However, then the number of demonstrators reached several hundred. Not far from them were several people of opposing political views, accusing the protesters of betraying American ideals and often provoking them.

The police stopped all such illegal attempts. At the moment, no serious incidents or riots have been noticed. Nevertheless, some journalists put on helmets at the rally in case of emergency. The protest is being led by the right-wing nonprofit Look Ahead America, led by Matt Brainard, who served on the campaign headquarters of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Earlier, Brainard said that his organization is “dedicated to protecting patriotic Americans who have been forgotten by the US government.” He stressed that the demonstration will be peaceful and “no one is going to take weapons with them.”

Peaceful demonstration

As the organizers of the rally told a TASS correspondent, the demonstrators were forbidden to bring attributes related to this or that political organization. “This includes clothing and banners with slogans supporting Trump or [current US President Joe] Biden,” Look Ahead America said. At the same time, the organization called on the protesters to bring American flags and any paraphernalia associated with the official state symbol of the country.

The organizers believe that “a lot of misinformation was spread about the rally, mainly by hostile, left-wing media.” “We condemn politically motivated violence in all its forms, especially the January 6 violence, and believe that those found guilty must be punished. against their unfair treatment by the Department of Justice and the judiciary, “- noted in Look Ahead America. Its representatives said that they had previously held a number of demonstrations throughout the country, including in Washington, but only the current rally attracted such close attention of the authorities.

“Our left-wing opponents want us to ditch the [guaranteeing, among other things, the right to assembly] of the 1st Amendment [to the US Constitution], get out of the vote, get out of civic engagement. Sitting on the sidelines, they push patriotic Americans into apathy and even violence, – the organizers say. – We believe that through the peaceful organization of the community and competent, honest leadership, we can restore and reform our government and save our country. “

Look Ahead America will also organize demonstrations on Saturday in support of the Capitol storm in Charlotte, North Carolina and Seattle, Washington. However, the organizers indicated that only the rally in Washington has national status. Look Ahead America is expected to hold similar protests on September 25 in New York, as well as major cities in the states of Arizona, Iowa, Wyoming, Virginia, Georgia, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas and South Caroline.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said Friday that congressional violence against the protests of a number of American far-right organizations is most likely due to clashes in the area by demonstrators with diametrically opposed political views.

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