Several steps initiates to cut load shedding: Shabbir

Muhammad Abuzar Khan

PESHAWAR: Chief Executive PESCO, Engineer Muhammad Shabbir Ahmad has said several steps were taken to end the load shedding in the area with the aim to provide maximum facilities to the customers in this regard.

This he said while addressing a press conference in WAPDA house Peshawar on Saturday. He added that there are about 3.2 million customers of PESCO and they are receiving the electricity through 972 feeders.

He claimed that PESCO had completed several projects costing billions of rupees in improving the electricity supply in the last ten months including a grid station, 38 power transformers, three transmission lines and improving feeders.

Muhammad Shabir revealed that on 309 feeders having zero load shedding in the province. The recovery on these feeders are more than 90%   and about six lakhs customers comes in these feeders, he added.

He briefed that feeder PESCO is continuing load shedding on 663 feeders with different load shedding in the area.  Regarding the load shedding policy, he informed that PESCO is continue load shedding from two to four hours on the feeder with the loss of 10 to 20 percent and with loss of 30 to 40% PESCO is conducting four to six hours of load shedding, with a loss of 40% to 60% is reduced from nine to six hours and with a loss of 60% to 80% is reduced from thirteen to eight hours

We are getting full electricity from the national grid as per our demand and the load shedding is continuing because of overloading, system constraints and stealing of electricity power, while we supply continue electricity with zero load shedding in areas of minimum loss, he added.

Engineer Muhammad Shabbir said that we have implemented system of ‘Saza and Jaza’ in the organisation by which 60 employees were rewarded while 200 employees were suspended and adding added it improve the performance of the PESCO.

While answering to a question about load shedding in Peshawar he said that this is due to the shifting of electricity lines which comes in route of construction of Metro bus and the provincial government had paid us ten crores.

He appealed from the customers to assist our employee and raise awareness against the stealing of electricity power so that there is zero load shedding in the province.