Shafqat Mehmood says Naeem ul Haque’s account was hacked when ‘marriage tweet’ was sent

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ISLAMABAD (INP): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf legislator Shafqat Mehmood claimed on Friday that the Twitter account of Spokesperson to the Chairman, Naeem ul Haque was hacked when the tweet regarding marriage with Ayesha Gulalai was posted.

Shafqat took to the micro-blogging site and maintained that he personally contacted Naeem Ul Haque who was of the view that his ‘hacked’ account posted tweets regarding proposing to former party member Ayesha Gulalai.

Just spoke to Naeem ul Haq. He told me his twitter account has been hacked and false tweets regarding Ayesha Gulalai posted in his name. The marriage controversy started when Ayesha Gulalai, a legislator elected to the National Assembly disclosed that Naeem proposed to her.

Gulalai, who unleashed a tirade of scathing allegations against PTI bigwigs including the chairman Imran Khan, revealed that she received a marriage proposal from Naeem Ul Haque while substantiating her claims that PTI was being disrespectful towards women.

Soon after the allegation, Naeem took to Twitter and posted multiple tweets. In one of the tweets posted around 3 AM, Naeem said: Should I apologise for discussing marriage with Ayesha Gulalai? adding that there was ‘nothing wrong with that’.

In another tweet, posted an hour later, the member resorted to saying that he did not propose to Gulalai, and it was just a discussion. The tweet apparently bolstering the claims of Gulalai stirred a storm on social media with PTI’s own supporters attacking Naeem.

However, Shafqat Mehmood has now claimed that the account of PTI’s leader and close confidant of Imran Khan was hacked after which such tweets were posted.

Surprisingly, the tweets of Naeem were taken down after the social media hullabaloo. In an explosive presser on Tuesday, Gulalai claimed that the culture being promoted by certain party leaders was not in line with Pakthtun cultural values.

“Women workers are not respected in the PTI and a respectable woman worker cannot remain in the party,” she alleged.

“Imran Khan once used deplorable words for Benazir Bhutto,” she said and added: “I think it is highly wrong to use such words for someone who has passed away. Even Islam teaches us not to say anything bad about people who have passed away.”

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