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Sharjeel declared co-accused in liquor case Challan

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KARACHI: In a twist to the liquor case, in which police had given clean chit to former Sindh minister earlier, on Tuesday declared Sharjeel Inam Memon as co-accused the case. The case emerged on first of this month had made headlines.

A challan of the case was presented in court, which stated that Sharjeel Inam Memon, former Sindh Minister, was under treatment in VIP room number of 4013 of the Ziauddin Hospital. On August 1, it was noted that illegal activity has been carried out in his room. “In the CCTV footage the accused were seen doing suspicious activities,” reads the Challan, telling that one of the bottle recovered during the visit of Chief Justice had 2 inch liquor in it.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar discovered alcohol bottles in his surprise visit to Memon’s room at a private hospital in Karachi. Following the raid and examination, Memon was shifted to Central Prison Karachi.

The suspects, Muhammad Jam, Shakaruddin, and Mushtaq Ali, has admitted tampering with the evidence. Shakaruddin has admitted to chucking liquor bottles in a dustbin. Police recovered two cigarette packs from the room. The CCTV shows that the suspect tampered with pieces of evidence.

As many as 15 eyewitnesses will be presented before the court, said the challan, and except Memon, all other suspects are on bail.

On September 2 police arrested assistant superintendent of the central jail Karachi and five others, including hospital staff and police personnel, in connection with liquor case, which staff of the former minister Sharjeel Inaam Memon was granted bail a day earlier.

The official and personnel were arrested after an inquiry team headed by DIG South Javed Odho, found them in CCTV footages behaving suspiciously.

The footages show Memon’s domestic help taking alcohol bottles out of his hospital room after Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar paid a surprise visit to the facility.

According to reports Justice Nisar saw alcohol in the bottles found in the room. But when the Supreme Court team reached the sub-jail the alcohol was replaced with honey and olive oil.

However, police have claimed of taking help from the CCTV footage and recovering the alcohol bottles from where Memon’s domestic help had hidden them.

Meantime, a video surfaced in which the doctors of Sindh Government may be seen checking the bottles recovered from Sharjeel’s hospital room without chemicals.

Meantime, the Chief Secretary of Sindh told Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar that the test reports were suspicious which were prepared by tempering the sample.

A day earlier, a local court in Karachi granted bail to his employee after a medical test found no traces of alcohol in bottles, Sharjeel Memon’s blood samples.

The accused Shakar Din, Muhammad Jam and Muhammad Mushtaq Ali approved the bail application of all three employees of Sharjeel Memon, who were arrested by the boat basin police station after FIR against them.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Home Department canceled the order declaring Ziauddin Hospital as sub-jail.

Memon’s blood samples were sent to two hospitals for testing after Chief of Justice of Pakistan in a surprise visit found bottles allegedly containing alcohol in his hospital room.

According to the report the blood samples did not contain traces of plasma alcohol and ethanol. Three other test reports were also found out to be normal, according to report which will be sent to the apex court.

A report by Chief Chemical Examiner, Dr Zahid Ansari states that the bottles recovered from Memon’s room did not contain alcohol.

According to the report, one of the bottles contained honey and the other cooking oil.

An investigation team, heading by Javed Odhi, the DIG South, was formed on Sunday to probe the discovery of liquor bottles from the room of a hospital where Sharjeel Inam Memon was under treatment.

Former Sindh Minister Sharjeel Inaam Memon was moved back to central prison after Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, found bottles of liquor from his room in the PPP leader’s hospital here on Saturday.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, who was hearing different cases in the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry here on Weekend, on Saturday morning visited Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton to make surprise visit of the room of former minister and accused of billion rupees corruption.

As Justice Nisar entered into the room of Memon on the sixth floor of Karachi’s Ziauddin Hospital, he found no nurse or doctor in the sub-jail.

According to reports, the chief justice examined Memon’s room for nearly three minutes and even questioned about the PPP leader’s health.

Bottles of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes were found from Memon’s room which the court staff confiscated. According to sources Chief Justice found two bottles in the cotton and one was used and placed on the table.

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