Sharjeel reacts to Asad Umar and Mazari’s comments

F.P. Report

Karachi: Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, reacting to the comments of Asad Umar and Shirin Mazari, said that DG ISPR has once again rejected the PTI conspiracy theory and added that ISPR’s statement is final words on the false narrative of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf.
In his statement on Wednesday, the Provincial Minister said that after investigation of national security institutions, the Director General ISPR had given such statement. The Minister said: ‘ Why PTI is getting angry over state institutions who have rejected their false narrative? How could institutions endorse the false narrative of PTI’. The Minister said that everyone know how conspiracy letter was written .
He added that He added that how to pronounce lie as truth forcibly and warned Pakistan Tehreek Insaf ( PTI) to avoid targeting state institutions for their personal interests otherwise nation would make horrible example of them. Sharjeel opined that PTI government was not ousted through a foreign conspiracy but due to its own incompetence.
Provincial Information Minister said that Imran Khan should get Oscar award on destroying the economy of Pakistan.
He said that coalition government with the support of whole nation was trying to repair the damages made by Imran Khan and working day and night to steer country out of economic crises.