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Sherpao demands judicial inquiry of D.I. Khan incident

F.P. Report

CHARSADDA: Provincial Chairman, Quami Watan Party Sinakdar Hayat Khan Sherpao demanded the judicial inquiry in the D.I. Khan incident.

He was addressing a gathering at Village Sherpao on Monday, on this occasion several political workers of various political parties joined QWP’s, he said that KP government has failed to set action against the culprits and to provide justice to the bereaved family. He said that the real facts about the incident have been hushed up, therefore judicial inquiry would bring the reality to the fore.

Sherpao said that the delimitation of the constituencies as per the census in the 2017 is need of the hour and it would protect the rights of the smaller provinces. He expressed concerned on the deadlock over the issue as certain political parties have backed out of their commitment, which would deprived the smaller provinces of their representation in the National Assembly. He regretted that the larger provinces had always attempted to damage the interests of the smaller provinces which caused sense of deprivation among them. He said that the larger provinces should avoid creating problems for the smaller provinces.

He said that the delay in holding the census and ignoring the reservations of the people over the census results have created hurdles in the delimitation. He said that if the census had been held within time it would not had been let to the present grimed situation. He regretted that it would badly affect the share of the smaller provinces in the National Finance Commission Awards, services and strength in the parliament. He said that this vital issue should not be politicized and consensus reached earlier over the delimitation issue should be honored in letter and spirits.

He said that the QWP supports the scheduled election. He said that our party is the staunchest opponent of the snap and earlier elections as well. He said that the demand of the Imran Khan for snap elections has no takers and the PTI’s abrupt volt face had provoked the public mandate. He demanded that the legislatures should be allowed to live their full lives.

Sikandar Sherpao said that QWP privileged the rule of law and democratic process in the country. He urged the federal government to stop hurting the sentiments of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa by limiting its development agenda only to Punjab. He said that Pakhtuns had rendered sacrifices for the cause of Pakistan but they had not been given their rights rewards. He said that the aim of Qaumi Watan Party is for the Pakhtuns rights. He added that the only objective of the QWP was welfare of Pakhtuns and it would struggle for their cause.


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