Shocking moment two women fight in nasty scrap before one is slashed with broken bottle

LONDON (thesun): This is the shocking moment a woman was allegedly stabbed in the throat with a bottle and left drenched with blood during a brutal fight.

Cops were called to a street in Leeds, West Yorkshire, after receiving frantic 999 calls about the brawl between the two females screaming for each other’s blood.

The women were filmed fighting before one struck the other with a bottle – then apparently used it to stab her opponent in the throat.

The shocking footage begins as neighbours gather around the scene of commotion shortly before 8pm on Wednesday.

A young woman in black shorts and a white top is seen in front of a house, battering on the door and barred windows with a stick.

There is some crockery resting on top of a wheelie begin which she sweeps off with an angry swipe.

The bystanders gasp as the pots smash and the front door opens to reveal the furious female house-holder, an older woman dressed in black pedal pushers and a combat top.

The two women square up to each other, pull each other’s hair, and exchange slaps and blows as the older woman grabs a bottle from a window ledge.

As the younger girl grabs the householder by the throat, the bottle is smashed over her head, sending the contents and glass shards flying.

The householder then pins the other girl to a car bonnet as her partner attempts to pull her off.

The black girl breaks free and is revealed to be dripping with blood from a wound to her throat.

Two men managed to separate the fighting women. One was left bleeding from the left side of her head.

One local said: “It was a row between the two women that has got well out of hand.

“They’ve armed themselves with a stick and a bottle and it got pretty bloody.”

The woman was later seen being led away by police officers with her t-shirt and face drenched in blood.

The street – Temple View Terrace – was sealed off for a painstaking forensic examination.

West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to Temple View Terrace at 8.05pm on Wednesday, July 16.

“A 33-year-old woman was found with injuries after being attacked with a bottle. She was treated at hospital and later discharged.