Shun follies of our cricket wise

Parvez Jamil

Believe please and so very humbly submitted to our cricketers, cricket lovers, crowds, higher-ups, policy-makers, managers, commentators and critics: Winnings or victories have tendency to often make us so hysterically jubilant, blind-folded and overwhelmed that we become callously complacent and forget to learn from us on and off the field errors to blunders reflective of a so very dangling and dwindling cricket future.

Surprising fielding first, with blunders, not follies looming large. What’s the big point in diving when the ball had already passed! As slip less captain slips with no slip to batters’ delight of nicks and edges to boundless boundaries, mammoth scores and dumbfounded defeats. Again, and again blunders when fielders misjudge, mix up, take or drop shock and panicky catches adversely affecting the so indispensable emotional maturity and stability.

Delving into our very bowling promise and potential at large: pacers like Shaheen, Naseem, Hasnain, Haris,  Dhani, Fahim, WasemJ, dwindling Hasan, aspiring M.Amir, wondering Wahab and spinners as regular Shadab, Nawaz, Usman, Abrar, and expectants Emad, Hafeez, Nauman, Sajid, Kamran Salman,  our bowlers may be very good but many a time extra excited and confused to go disarray and doomed resulting in batters’ boomerang and bonanza. Forgetting spot on line and length our bowlers mostly tend to experiment with erratic pace and boundless bounce for the delight and jubilation of the batters amid vociferous alarms of sheer helplessness from backing and supporting crowds, critics, commentators and the public at large indeed.

Our captain’s batting order seems to be very beautiful confusion. Captain’s own very lust to top average and rating makes him open with Rizwan as both are potentially the best to salvage amid a top order collapse. Let suitable openers be, over and above captain’s ego and vanity but of wisdom and sanity, Sharjeel and Azam followed by Shan, Shoaib, Baber,  Rizwan, Shadab, Nawaz, Asif, Naseem, Haris, Hasnain. Batting well according to the situation like blitz of a power play of 50-60 runs, and if not, steadying with singles and twos followed by our tail-enders power show.

Our cricket coaches, highly-worthy of grace, dignity, honor and respect, are suggested with utmost piety, sobriety,  simplicity and humility: Be fair to your profession my dear coaches. You know players. You know ins and outs of coaching. You know what professional honesty is all about. Please train and follow up. Otherwise, kindly pack up.

Our dear captain all know you have childhood friends to collect and select. All know you have personal whims and fancies. All know you have personal likes and dislikes. But all also know there is team interest too. All also know there is national interest indeed. Not to sacrifice team and national interest at any cost, come what may and whatsoever so kindly/please.


The writer, a senior faculty in media management and corporate communication, pursues student counseling, teacher education, parents’ orientation and corporate social responsibility, especially for special kids and senior citizens, contributes to media on national and global affairs.