Shut Glasgow – bye, Biden. Nuclear exercises began in USA

Written by The Frontier Post

Mikhail Sheinkman

Perhaps, somewhere deep in their souls, they are not completely alien to caring for future generations. But do not change your habits for their sake. Therefore, the US army is practicing the skills of mass destruction, and their president turns a blind eye.

This, of course, does not mean that you can not look further. But it seems that the most interesting part of this climate conference has already happened. And not here. And on the very highest bell tower, from which they decided to spit on all decency and on the first day of the forum dedicated to the salvation of mankind, to begin large-scale command and staff maneuvers to destroy it. At the same time, however, without falling out of the climatic context. Checking the readiness of all US nuclear forces for “what if war tomorrow” is called the Global Thunder. “Global thunder”, therefore.

That is still a military trick. To divert his eyes, send the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to fight for all life on Earth to Europe, and ourselves, while there “goes, buzzing green noise”, learn to do so that only they survived. Because Biden is asleep and the service is going on. And Biden was actually asleep. Well, how did you want? Flights, transfers, negotiations, overwork. The agenda is green, like longing. At the same time, he heroically resisted Morpheus, with all the convolutions of his mind trying to catch hold of the bombastic delirium that the host of this event carried from the rostrum.

“I / we / JamesBond”, – the mind of the falling asleep Joe metaphor of Boris Johnson, who saw the audience as a collective super-agent born by Ian Fleming in Scotland, repeated on autopilot. “Zero-zero-all… But why am I Bond, if he served the English queen?” – his American exceptionalism did not give up in Biden. But when the British Prime Minister came to the clockwork that was counting the last years of the planet, his hour came and his eyelids dropped treacherously. This was, perhaps, the key episode not even of the conference, but of this entire western eco-struggle. No longer Sleepy, but Sleeping Joe is her personification.

Perhaps, somewhere deep in their souls, they are not completely alien to caring for future generations. But do not change your reflexes and habits for the sake of them. In a word, the climate. And the echo habitually picked up: checkmate, checkmate, checkmate. Therefore, the US army is still practicing the skills of mass destruction, and the president turns a blind eye. Fortunately, it was not only the cameras that caught this moment. The adjutant jumped as the White House master’s breathing became even and his sleep colored. The code word – and now he is cheerful again. With a trained movement of two fingers on the bridge of his nose, he brought himself to his senses in order to give out, as it was announced, “a strong climatic speech.”

He did not swear by his mother, but he said for sure, by 2030 the United States will reduce greenhouse emissions by 50-52 percent compared to 2005. So think now, for whom this powerful old man holds us: for padishahs or all the same for donkeys. He himself, apparently, is clearly not Bond. If we are to select a mythological prototype for him with reference to this area, then it is, rather, Duncan Macleod. Thinks that he is immortal.

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