SIGAR’s report and Ghani’s ploy

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) released its final report on the transfer of funds by the former Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Thursday. According to the report, this number did not exceed $1 million and may have been closer in value to $500,000. The report revealed that a lot of money was left in government buildings, including those of the presidential palace, national security, and other offices that disappeared and later had been divided among the officials and security personnel of the respective Departments. According to SIGAR, former President Ashraf Ghani refused to be interviewed, and the SIGAR sent him 56 questions through his attorney regarding his alleged money theft while fleeing the country he answered only 6 questions out of 56 queries.

The fall of Kabul has marked its first anniversary, however, the US government is still assessing its investment in Afghanistan and monetary losses during its so-called War on Terror (WoT) in the South Asian nation. SIGAR, the United States’ financial watchdog on Afghanistan has released its final report regarding alleged money theft by the former Afghan President it was widely reported by the International media. The reports suggest that Ashraf Ghani transported millions of dollars abroad which he received from the Afghan Central Bank ahead of his departure from the country.

In fact, the American viceroy, a self-proclaimed scholar and Professor who enjoyed the top position in his country for about six years never tried to shed away from the allegations leveled by the world against him over the past year. Furthermore, he also refused to be interviewed when contacted by the US authorities and answered only six questions out of 56, which clearly illustrates Ghani’s lack of seriousness in defending himself at this point.

On other hand, Ghani claimed to be the President of Afghanistan until the people of Afghanistan legally hand over the power to someone else. During a recent interview with a media outlet, Ghani claimed that he was the last person fleeing the country. In fact, Ashraf Ghani’s selfishness and lust for power led him to this day which not only damaged the US’s interest and military prestige but also paved the path for the Taliban’s unilateral occupation of the country. The United States, Pakistan, and several other countries were advocating for an interim unity government of both parties to move in the direction of future elections, the formation of a democratically elected government, and the commencement of a constitutional process but failed due to Ghani’s resistance.

As for as SIGAR is concerned it collects data from US government departments including the US treasury, the Department of State, Justice, MoD, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). While it was difficult for the US authorities to ascertain the facts after withdrawal from Afghanistan. Apparently, the episode had been aired by the US authority to restore the prestige of the former US ally and satisfy American taxpayers instead of the recovery of the stolen wealth.

By all accounts, chair, power, and wealth mostly impaired human wisdom and incite ego, selfishness, and overconfidence in the people, while a misstep and wrong judgment of the administrators ruins the entire country. Hence, leaders across the globe must be aware of their advisors whose verdict can be the maker and breaker of their doomsday.