Sikh community celebrates Independence Day with zeal

Shah Faisal

PESHAWAR: The Sikh community on Friday celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day with national zeal and fervor at the provincial capital.

In connection with Independence Day, a motorcycle rally was organized by the Sikh community led by Sahib Singh wherein children, youth and elders participated.

The rally started from Mohallah Jogan Shah, the historical place of Sikhs in Peshawar, and reached Jinnah Park after passing through different routes of the city.

They wear the traditional dressed, turban and decorated their motorbike with Pakistani flags and chanted slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” (long live Pakistan).

The cake cutting ceremony held at Jinnah Park in which Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Minority Wazir Zada, member of provincial assembly Ravi Kumar, care taker of Gurdwara Muhammad Ishfaq, traders and hundreds of others people were participated.

Regarding the Independence Day, the Sikh elders said that the aim of the rally to show the others nations that Pakistan is a peace loving country and there is no religious discrimination while the people of different religions living with harmony and prosperity.

They stated that their forefathers gave matchless sacrifices for independence, and it was the result of these sacrifices that they were living in an independent state.

They also urged the Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi to lift the curfew from Indian Illegal Occupied Kashmir (IIOK) and let them decide their future thorough UN resolution.

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