Sikhs burn Indian flag in Washington DC

F.P Report

Washington DC: While the Indian Republic Day event was taking place in the Indian Embassy, the Sikh community led by “ Sikhs for Justice” in the United States burnt the Indian national flag at the park across the road from the Indian embassy in Washington DC.

The Sikh protesters were chanting slogans against the Indian government and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The protesting Sikh leaders said that past few two decades more than one hundred thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed in name of anti state and being supporters of Khalistan Movement.

The protestors further said that the water of Punjab in India was diverted to other locations so that Sikhs can be taught a lesson and that more than sixty thousand Sikhs farmers have committed suicide in this regard.

The flag-burning plan comes at a time that pro-Khalistan group Sikhs for Justice planned a ‘Burning of Indian Flag’ protest in the US capital and had also acquired necessary permission to do so.