Sindh Cabinet okays commission for protection of journalists

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that Sindh Cabinet has approved the Commission for the Protection of Journalists and Media Practitioners, issuance of Senior Citizen Card, Village Electrification program under solar energy of different villages , besides taken Important decisions for the rehabilitation of flood affectees in it’s meeting on Wednesday.
Giving media briefing following the meeting at the Sindh Archives Complex, he said that Justice (Retd) Rashid A. Rizvi has been approved as the Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Journalists, while Qazi Asad Abid from APNS. , Faheem Siddiqui of PFUJ, CPNE Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Athar Qazi from PBA, Ayaz Tunio Sindh Bar Council, Professor Tauseef Ahmed Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Ghulam Fariduddin APNEC, MPA Shazia Umar, MPA Syeda Marvi Faseeh and Secretaries of Information, Home , Law and Human Rights have been included in the commission as members.He said that the Sindh Cabinet has also approved the issuance of cards for senior citizens, under which various facilities will be provided to citizens above 60 years of age.
He said that important decisions were taken for the rehabilitation of the flood victims, and committees has been formed in this regard. A grant of Rs. 5000 per acre will be given to each flood-affected farmer and at least 2 million farmers will be given this grant. This will help the farmers to purchase seed, fertilizer and prepare thier lands. The provincial minister said that this grant will not be given to the landlords but only to the farmers. Because farmers are partners with the landlord. He said that the Sindh government has generously helped the flood victims, which is unprecedented in the whole world.
The credit of which goes to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and former President Asif Ali Zardari, who had been continuously issuing detectives to the Sindh government for providing all possible help to the affected people. He said that survey of the affected areas have been completed in a transparent manner, which has been documented with videos. He said that a huge exercise of survey has been completed with assistance of NDMA, Pakistan Army, NGOs and civil society. He said that Sindh People’s Housing company for flood effectees has also been approved which will help affectees to rebuild their houses. He added that financial assistance will be provided to all those whose houses have been partially or completly damaged according.
Talking about the current situation of the country, he said that the situation of the country is in front of everyone. He said that story of selling precious gifts of toushakhana has been disclosed yesterday. He added that if Imran Khan declared it as a drama against him . Then he himself should disclose where and to whom, he had sold these precious gifts. The minister asked Imran Khan should tell from where he had got money to buy these expensive watches as it was evident from his declarations submitted to FBR and election commission that he had no power to purchase such precious watches.
He added that every one knows that front lady fixed the rate for transfer and postings of government officials in Punjab. He added that front lady who fleed country was still running the rackets and money was being transferred to abroad earned through transfer and postings in Punjab. The minister said that Imran Khan was continuously taking u turns on his stances. For last six months, he was making nation fool on the issue of cypher and waving a paper in the public gatherings. Now , suddenly, called it matter of past.
The minister said that Imran Khan had instigated the emotions of Pakistani against the America. He said that there are more chances that Imran Khan staged a drama of an attack on himself so as to find safe exist from long march as it had failed and people did not turn to long march. The minister asked if Imran Khan is a James Bond who went to Lahore 150 km away after being shot four times. He said that contradictory statement were given on the injuries to Imran Khan. On the first day , they claimed two shots hit him. Later it was said that three bullets hit Imran Khan and Imran Khan in his interview claimed that four bulletse hit him. Mr. Memon asked Federal Interior Minister Ranasanaullah to issue notification of federal medical board to ascertain the actual injuries to PTI chief.
He said Imran Khan has caused a great loss to the country, he has put the young generation on the wrong path. Legal action should have be taken against this person according to the law. He added that Imran Khan trying to make appointment of chief of an important institution of the state controversial. In response to a question, the provincial minister said that talks were in progress with MQM Pakistan in a good atmosphere. The commitment made to MQM will be fulfilled. On the question of gap in summoning Sindh Assembly session, he said that members of Sindh assembly are still busy in relief operations in flood affected areas as water is still stagnant in 15 to 20 percent areas that’s why sindh assembly session has not been called for some period of time.
On the question of local bodies elections, he said that PPP’s stand on it is clear. PPP is ready for elections if it even held tomorrow. He added that Pakistan People’s Party has won with a huge majority in the first phase of local body elections. In second phase , 50 percent of our candidates returned unopposed in Hyderabad. Pakistan People’s Party has won won recent by election in Malir. He said that they had proposed to hold local bodies elections in Karachi in two phases or Fedral government should provide additional law enforcement personnels.
He said that we are not running away from the local bodies elections, we are ready. On the protest of the doctors and health department employees, he said that the health department employees and doctors are our own and government was ready to hold talks on their ligmiate demands but boycott of OPDs is unfair way to exert pressure on the government on cost of poor patients. He added that medical is highly regarded sector. We salute doctors and paramedics of health department who performed excellent services during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that doctors and health department were demanding the continuation of covid risk allowance which was not possible as it costs Rs. 22 billion. He added that Sindh government was already offering attractive packages to doctors than other provinces. He urged the doctors to end their protest and assured that government will address their genuine issues.