Sindh: Diseases spreading fast in flood relief camps

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Different kinds of diseases are spreading at a fast pace in the camps set up for the flood affectees across the country fueling the fears that the health crisis may get out of control as has been predicted by the United Nations, on Monday.

People living in the relief camps are quickly falling prey to outbreaks of diarrhea, chickenpox, malaria, dengue, skin, eye infections, and other water-borne and vector-borne diseases.

As many as 132 people are suffering from diarrhea in the relief camps in Hyderabad. Besides them, 120 cases of skin diseases; 16 cases of eye infections; 60 suspected cases of malaria; 172 cases of difficulty in breathing; and 48 cases of other diseases have been reported there.

At Farm Stop Abbasi Mohallah, tehsil Sakrand of Nawabshah, the chickenpox pandemic broke out. In just 3 days, four children succumbed to the disease.

Not only children, many women are also suffering from chickenpox in Mohallah Abbasi.

The dead children included: Waheed Abbasi (4), Shabbir Abbasi (6), Arbeli Abbasi (3) and Sohail Abbasi (2).

The villagers complained that they called the concerned hospital staff again and again but they did not reach the village. Otherwise, the precious lives could have been saved, they added.

On the other hand, the MS of the concerned hospital Dr Naseer said that he would send the teams to the village to collect samples.