Sindh High Court orders opening of Aisha Bawany College

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Thursday ordered the immediate opening of Aisha Bawany Government College and instructed police officials to accompany officials to ensure the same.

The decision was taken by a two-member bench of the SHC and the court said the college should be opened till the final verdict is passed in the case.

Additionally, the court also instructed the concerned authorities to continue teaching activities at the educational institution.

Notices were also issued to IG Sindh, secretary education Aisha Bawany Trust and others in the case and a reply has been sought by the court by September 25.

The college was closed earlier in September after its trustees approached a lower court to seal the premises until its ownership is decided.

The government claims the trustees who allegedly own the school, want to use it for commercial purposes and thus approached a lower court to grant a stay on educational activity.

However, the school administration and government officials petitioned the Sindh High Court which ordered its reopening after suspending the lower court’s order.

Despite the SHC order, the college was not opened on September 18 and resulted in a protest by students accumulated outside and staff of the education department and trustees.