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Sindh home secretary grilled over declaring Rao’s house sub jail

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Sindh High Court on Friday sought replies from Sindh home department, police, jail officials and other relevant authorities in a petition challenging declaring of house as sub-jail for the suspended police officer, Rao Anwar.

The suspended police officer, notorious for killing innocent persons in fake encounters, is being arrested in Naqeeb Mehsud murder case. Mehsud was killed along three others in fake encounter in January earlier this year.

On the outset of proceedings in Sindh High Court, the court asked Secretary Home Sindh as under which law and process house of Rao Anwar was declared as sub-jail. The court then adjourned the proceedings, seeking detailed replies from home secretary and other relevant departments.

On May 29, Father of Naqeeb Mehsud had filed petition in Sindh High Court (SHC), challenging the declaration of residence of Rao Anwar as sub-jail for the suspended police officer.

Muhammad Khan Son of Mama Asal, father of Naqeeb Mehsud has made Sindh Governor, Police Chief, IG prison, superintendent central prison and the accused Anwar Ahmed Khan alias Rao Anwar Son of Nisar Ahmed Khan as respondent in the petition.

Son of the Petitioner, alongwith three other persons were murdered in a fake police encounter on 13-01-2018, allegedly by Rao Anwar and his subordinate police officers, reads the petition, submitting that FIR No.40/2018 (PS Sachal Malir District) was registered by the Petitioner against the Respondent No.5 and his subordinate police officers regarding the aforementioned murder.

According to the applicant the accused Rao Anwar defied even the Orders of the Supreme Court in Human Rights Case No.1949-K of 2018 and absconded. Rao and his subordinate police officers have been accused of having engaged in 444 encounter killings over the last seven years.

Moreover, there is clear evidence that Rao is a thoroughly corrupt police officer, who has acquired assets beyond his known means and has engaged in money laundering. In this regard, a complaint by the Petitioner has been sent to the National Accountability Bureau.

Trial Court was not informed nor was any document produced before the Court to show that the Rao was not being sent to the Central Jail but was being remanded to his own house, which had allegedly been declared as a sub-jail.

“Till today no document like the Impugned Notification has been produced before the Trial Court to show that his own house has been declared as a sub-jail where he is comfortably residing. The Order dated: 21-04-2018 of the Trial Court is explicit in its direction that the Respondent No.5 is to be remanded to the jail and as a consequence, he could not be kept in any custody or detention premises other than in a jail,” according to the petitioner.

Such favoritism in favor of Rao is clearly malafide. The same logic of serious threats to life would also apply to the other 11 accused persons in the abovementioned same special case but they are detained in the Central Jail. “ How can they be safe in the Central Jail being his subordinate police officers in the same abovementioned Special case if he is not safe?,” he said asked.

“It’s most respectfully and most humbly prayed that this Honorable Court may graciously pass judgment and orders against Rao, declaring the Impugned Notification No.SO (PRS-I) HD/II-174/2015, dated: 21-04-2018 [A nn ex ‘A ’ ], issued by the Respondent No.1, and any subsequent orders/letters issued on the basis of the Impugned Notification, is unconstitutional, without jurisdiction, malafide and of no legal effect,” the petitioner has prayed.

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  1. Rao Anwer and his deputies should be in dead sentence for killing of innocent people and yet he is enjoying life style. Justice for all.

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