Sixth Anniversary of Iran’s Wrongful Detention of Baquer Namazi

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: Today marks six years since the Iranian government wrongfully detained Baquer Namazi solely for the purpose of using him as a political pawn.  In 2016, Baquer Namazi was arrested after traveling to Iran to help free his son, wrongfully detained U.S. citizen Siamak Namazi.  Both father and son were sentenced to ten years in prison on baseless charges.  Despite commuting Baquer’s sentence in 2020, the Iranian government still refuses to allow him to depart Iran.  Now 85 years old, Baquer needs specialized medical care and continues to be separated from his grandchildren and the rest of his family in the United States.

We call on the Iranian government to allow Baquer Namazi to return home, and release his son Siamak, as well as their fellow U.S. citizens Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz, who is also a U.K. citizen.  Iran’s wrongful detention of U.S. citizens for use as political leverage is outrageous.  Our priority is bringing all our wrongfully detained citizens home safely and as soon as possible  and resolving the cases of missing and abducted U.S. citizens, including Bob Levinson.