Skewed policy for PMDC registration

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After the mushroom growth of private medical colleges in the country, the policy of PMDC registration for foreign medical graduates was changed in 2012 through an Act of Parliament. Under the new policy PMDC works as a tool to target the medical graduates, holding MBBS degrees from reputed institutions of medical sciences in China, Russia and some West European countries with global ranking, by failing them in NEB tests, for which no standard qualifying criteria has been laid down so far.

Utterly frustrated by the victimization policy of PMDC registration, Foreign Doctors Alliance held a press conference in Peshawar Press Club requesting the Chief Justice of Pakistan for providing a relief in the shape of provisional license for private practice as general medical practitioners. Before the enforcement changes in PMDC Act in 2012, not only the MBBS degree holders from prestigious foreign institutions of medical sciences but also MD degree acquiring graduates from the medical colleges of Afghanistan, were allowed to avail the facility of house job in the hospitals of the country. They were then used to be registered by PMDC without the condition of passing farcical NEB tests. The future career of 5000 doctors is at stake now, who are anxious to serve the country. Their batch mates who were shrewd enough and understood the changes in PMDC registration to target foreign medical graduates opted for PLAB-1 and subsequent PLAB-2 examination and have completed their specialization courses in the UK. The skewed PMDC registration policy is serving no useful purpose but gives momentum to brain drain.

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