Slapping sanction on Russian research institute

The United States Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on a Russian Institute for its role in developing Triton, a malware strain designed to launch cyber-attack on the control system of industrial equipment that may cause explosion to harm human lives.

Sanctions were levied against the State Research Center, the Russian Federation FGUP Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics. It may be recalled that in October 2018 a report was published by the US Cyber Security Firm, Fire Eye, blaming that this research center to be the possible author of Triton malware, used for launching cyber-assault on a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

According to the technical reports released by Fire Eye and Symantec, Triton was designed either to shut down production or allow the Institutionally Controlled machinery to work in an unsafe way. Computer screens went black, and data destroyed by the cyber-attack on the computer systems of National Industrialisation and Sadra Chemical Company, a joint venture of Saudi Aramco and Dow. The incidents triggered worries in the US government officials, its allies and cyber security researchers, fearing that such incidents of international hacking could be replicated in other countries as well where thousands of industrial plants rely on American engineered computer systems.

No system is absolute when it comes to encryption or firewall. It is mandatory for every country, which are doing their economic and personal affairs on World Wide Web, to keep 24 hours checks and update their firewalls continuously in order to diffuse and dismember cyber-attacks.

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