Smart phones, tablets screens to harm children health

Smart phones, tablets screens to harm children health

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ISLAMABAD: Technological innovations have made the entire world accessible with just one click. But as the accessibility of smart phones and tablets increases, children are increasingly been seen glued to these touch gadgets – something which doctors are worried about.

Prolonged usage can cause adverse effects on the health of the children, say doctors.

Greater exposure to screens causes increased strain on their eyes resulting in children wearing spectacles at a very young age.

Children are now one of the biggest users of smart phones and gadgets. With countless online games and apps, children are often seen tapping away on screens, playing games and watching videos.

Parents say that they allow their children to use tabs because they want them to remain up-to-date with the technological advancement. While some parents admit giving smart phones to their children gives them peace of mind that allows them to do their work, or even shop.

Meanwhile, concerned doctors say that children often complain of backaches and muscle cramps, which is due to prolonged hours of sitting in one posture. In addition, doctors say that outdoor activities are must for children.

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