Smell of local food wafts in London as part of Turkish Cuisine Week

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LONDON (AA): Turkish Cuisine Week continues to be celebrated around the world and most recently in Britain’s capital, with traditional dishes hitting the streets of London on Wednesday.

Turkey has been promoting its local dishes in a series of events held across the country and at all its missions worldwide during Turkish Cuisine Week, being held from May 21-27 for the first time ever. Last week, Germany and India hosted another program on Turkish cuisine

Turkish Cuisine Week is marked under the auspices of the Turkish Presidency in cooperation with the country’s Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, an affiliate of the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Many guests, including the senior executives of the leading organizations in the travel industry in Turkey, along with the media representatives, got a taste of Turkish cuisine in a Turkish restaurant in London.

The guests, who showed great interest in the event, were also presented with the “Turkish Cuisine with Timeless Recipes” book prepared by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry.

“Our aim today is to help people living in the U.K. try our country’s gastronomy and dishes during Turkish Cuisine Week,” Turkey’s Counselor for Cultural and Information Affairs Arzu Kahraman told Anadolu Agency (AA).

Emphasizing that the guests were very satisfied with the event, Kahraman said they will also host them in various gastronomy events in Turkey in the forthcoming days.

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