Smooth traffic flow remains a dream

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: The district connecting Balochistan with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa often witnesses the worst traffic jam on its city roads as poor planning of traffic police bore no fruit.

Despite the efforts and planning to solve the long-lasting traffic problem, clogged roads remain a nuisance particularly in rush hours and the situation is worsening with each passing day.

In spite of ban loading good-trucks and long vehicles enter the main bazaar during the daytime that also causes massive traffic jam. It has now become a routine affair, as long queues of vehicles are observed from old cinema to Kamal Khan chowk especially when the students get off from their schools. The tired, hungry and exhausted students have no option but to get stuck in traffic jam for quite some time.

Encroachments and illegal parking have exacerbated the matter, which delaying the people from reaching their destinations. It irritates and frustrates them especially those en-route in an emergency.

Traffic jam always keeps agonizing the motorists at Shaheed Lieutenant Imran Mandokhail chowk, as it takes much time to turn to move the vehicle to the desired destination. Illegal parking, massive encroachments, dilapidated roads, violation of traffic rules and loading unloading of goods from the trucks are some of the major reasons behind the problem as there is no much space left on the roads for the movement of traffic. Push carts and cabin-keepers have occupied a large portion of the city roads by erecting illegal structures have also aggravated the situation and affected the smooth traffic flow.

“It is the government’s inability and negligence to deal with the issue and find a solid solution to the problem.” A commuter stuck in the traffic jam near Kamal Khan chowk said. “Smooth traffic flow would remain a dream unless the root causes are addressed”. He added.