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Social media, blogging help shape political opinion

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ISLAMABAD: The social media expedites political campaigns of contesting candidates with easy access and least expenses to approach and convince their potential voters.

The social media not only helps political parties to disseminate their manifesto messages on social issues besides creating political awareness abound them on economical and political progress of the country guiding them to make a best selection for their vote. The comments and quarries on their messages give them opportunity to brief, explain and clarify their confusions in their mind which would help them shape their opinion.

A blogger Lubna Akber said, blogging is no longer just an individual’s hobby; it has become an influential tool for a voter.

A lot of party workers, supporters and followers are doing it and they are using this method to increase their following and support while at the same time they are building long-term relationship with voters, she added.

Currently the political leadership of the country on twitter has its followers in millions, Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan with 8 million followers then comes PTI leader Asad Umer with 4.9 million while Chairman Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari gained 2.7 million followers and Maryum Nawaz belonging to PML-N has 4.7 million followers.

Talking to APP, Admin of and deputy creative head of PTI’s social media, Salman Raza said PTI started using this active platform from the very beginning as our support base mainly consists of youth who is active on social media.

He said our social media team is responsible for statements that are being posted on official and verified accounts only. Replying to a question about the aggressive approach of PTI supporters on social media, he said

“We shouldn’t be held responsible for the statements or comments coming from general public who support our stance”. He said using this way of communication has not only increased our followers’ base but also created awareness among public about various political issues.

While some political parties have more focus on other tools of election campaign other than social media to convince their voters.

PPP candidate for NA 84, Sialkot Nargis Faiz Malik said, “I believe in direct meeting with my voters and supporters. In door to door campaign of my party, I have met thousands of people in my constituency and visited every house, shop and vendor to share our manifesto with them.

The parties who have a big following on social media not always show same results in real, she added.


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