Social values are essential for the development of any society: Sharjeel

F.P. Report

Karachi: Provincial Minister for Information, Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that social values are essential for the progress and development of any society, but now a days trend of hurling abusive language is being promoted.

He added that If this mind set not halted, it would bring disastrous consequences for our society. He expressed these views while addressing a debating session on ‘Degrading Social Values and Role of Women in Society’ at arts council which was organized by Pakistan Council of Media Women in collaboration with Pakistan Fedral Union of Journalists and Arts Council Pakistan Karachi.

He said that there were many reasons for the decline of social values in Pakistan. The institution of family or parents has key role in bringing up the children and it is first school of learning for children. He said that children learns a lot from first from home, school and the environment of friends. He added that due to hectic life , parents were unable to pay attention to the their children. He added that many people take tremendous advantages from use of technologies but there are also certain disadvantages of it. Our children spend most of time with technology gudget and characters and stories of social media, dramas , movies and video games affect the minds of children. He remarked that for better training of children, parents have to spare time for their children.

Sharjeel Memon said that the role of government and media is very important for raising awareness of social values. Whenever the government licenses a TV channel or newspaper, the organization be bound to rely and publish public awareness messages.

The Minister recalled that when a PPP Member of Provincial Assembly passed unwanted comments against female MPA, the top leadership of the Pakistan Peoples Party took stern notice and asked his party MPA to apologize to the female member of parliament. He added that But now there is a competition of using abusive language and remaks being passed in politics not worth listening .

He said that in rural areas below the belt remarks could cause rows among the communities and even it could led to murders. But unfortunately abusive language enhances the ratings of television channels. Sharjeel Memon said that we have to get out of this mindset and promote social values. If we do not stop this mindset, things will go a long way.

On women empowerment, He said that PPP had always explored and provided opportunities to women in every field .it is the vision of PPP to promoted women participation in all spheres of life, including parliament , bureaucracy , businesses, and at diplomatic front. President Asif Ali Zardari during in power introduced Benazir Income Support program for women to give them leading role in running the affairs family unit.

In Sindh, landless women farmers were given 25, 25 acres of agricultural land. “We have not done any favors to women, this is their right, we have to give them their due status for the development of society,’ he said. Senator Abdul Haseeb, President PFUJ G. M. Jamali, President Arts Council Ahmad Shah, Ms. Nargis Alvi, Shahida Sajjad, Amira Shahid, SP Shehla Qureshi and other eminent women also expressed their views on the subject while the session was moderated by President Pakistan Council of Media Women Humaira Motala.Media Talk: Talking to media on the occasion, Sharjeel Inam Memon said that yesterday was the worst day in the history of Pakistan. Imran Khan has introduced his new party. Tigers were brought on the streets to demonstrate terrorism.

Imran Khan’s workers attacked police, set vehicles on fire and tortured the media persons. He said that the government and the police had shown a lot of patience but these people continued to create choas and ancharcy in country.

He termed the jehad of Imran Khan only for comming to power from back door again. He said that people of Karachi has rejected the narrative of Imran Niazi’s and gave him no response the other day. He said that if Imran Khan’s culture was to success , then no one would be able to run governments in the country after the elections as losing party would took their gang to Islamabad .

In response to a question, he said that the PPP long march lasted for ten days and no unwanted incidents of throwing stone or blocking roads , attacking the police personal had took place as it was peaceful and purely political long march. Sharjeel Memon said that Imran Khan has magical powers and no one else posses such power.

He said PTI is no longer a political party. Its workers were instigated to resort to violence. Media cameras were broken yesterday. They shown no respect for Supreme Court orders as they entered in red zone. To a question, he answered that no member of assembly got injured yesterday . ‘ If political behavior does not change, there will be more damage in the country, the minister added .